3rd Rowe Entertainment and Management Presents Blue Viper Recording Artist Johnny J.

At the end of February. 2010, Alex Chilton & Johnny J & the Hitmen were in Audiophile recording studio in the French Quarter, laying down the initial tracks for the newest Johnny J & the Hitmen's CD, being produced by Alex Chilton, with Richard Bird, engineer. Sadly and with heartfelt sorrow we lost our friend Alex shortly aftr that session on March 17, 2010 RIP.
Ben Keith has taken on the production duties and the cd should be released later this year.

Johnny J has launched a new album. Click here to listen to some of Urban Soul Ballads by Johnny J.
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Johnny J. also played with the late Dale Hawkins during the second weekend of Jazz Fest at the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport, LA. Check out the latest video footage of J. on the Louisiana Jukebox by visiting the following link: http://event.stream57.com/od/louisiana/12/louisiana.html

Johnny J's "Fever Water" was chosen as one of the best Louisiana CDs of 2001 by the Best of the Beat 2002 Awards!!!

Johnny J's "Fever Water" chosen as Number 18 out of 300 new releases in 2001 by Times-Picayune's Lagniappe, January 26th, 2002!!!

The Review from Offbeat of Fever Water, Johnny J.'s new albbum

Offbeat - Reviews - November 2001

It's party time folks. Johnny J., the purveyor of some fine rock and roll guitar, has put together a great CD. J. gets a chance to tell us all about himself on his Blue Viper debut. On the opening track, the looping shuffle "Elevator Love," J. reveals his fear of heights, swearing his next paramour will have to reside on the ground floor. On the second track, the up tempo/autobiographical "Self Made Man," J. tells us he doesn't care what anyone thinks, he's doing an adequate job.

The rest of the CD is made up of solid rockers, with a few dirges and ballads thrown in for good measure. Tracks like "My Pretty Girl," "Bless Her Texas Heart" and "She's Really Gone," have a solid Austin groove, la the Tailgators and the LeRoi Brothers. "Cigarettes" and "Your Letter," are comical, particularly the latter, where J. relieves himself on his ex's correspondences. "Blue Eye Shadow" is a particularly tough number that is driven by some biting upbeat blues guitar. Helping out are drummer Willie Cole and bassist Steve Hill. J.'s class on vocals and guitar shine throughout, but his skill as a lyricist are the real bonus on this CD.
—Jeff Hannusch